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Binh Phi is the proud owner and founder of BM Travel Adventure, Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club, and Viaje Vietnam Asia. He’s contributed building to the motorcycle tourism foundation in Vietnam. The vision not only stops at Vietnam Tourism Inbound. But he also loves to conquer the world on two wheels and will make traveling abroad by motorcycle closer to Vietnamese. Until now, no company can do that. He knows clearly to do that; he has to be the top 1 motorcycle operator in Indochina and then think something else.

And now, BM Travel Adventure is proud to say that We are the top 1 Motorcycle Tourism Operator in Vietnam after 3 years opening day.

founder-vietnam-motorbike-tours-club-bm-travel-adventure-1He was born in a small rural village in Bac Giang province, away from 70km from Hanoi. When he was a child, he loved watching programs on TV showing beautiful places and landscapes in Vietnam and over the world. As a poor child inspired by these shows, Binh had a burning dream to set his foot on every part of Vietnam that he watched on television and determined to put all his efforts into achieving that dream.

He quickly realized education and expertise were the only way to turn his dream into the truth. Having learned and worked hard for years, Binh passed the national entrance exam and got admitted into Hanoi University, one of the leading universities in Vietnam, in foreign languages and tourism training.

With a great passion for travel, Binh soon set the goal to become a tour guide so that he had the chance to travel all over Vietnam and introduce his beautiful country to international friends. At University, Binh pursued English and Spanish majors to acquire an extensive understanding of Europe and its culture.

He then realized that though Vietnam had so many things to offer to tourists – from gorgeous landscapes, excellent cuisine to unique cultures and hospitable people, most travel agencies hadn’t yet tapped the full potentials of Vietnam’s tourism and been able to offer a truly authentic and diverse travel experience to international tourists.


In the early years of his tour guide career

After graduated university, Mr. Binh was a classic tour guide. This position makes his knowledge about Vietnam so solid. He had some achievements this period time. After just a year of work for a classic tourism company, he can lead a Spanish Speaking Tour Guide Team for traveling the whole of Vietnam.

In those years, no one understands what Adventure Tourism is. Although, Mr. Binh was well aware of the tourists’ demand to travel and learn about local culture, the ethnic minorities, and the majestic destinations of Vietnam. Despite huge potentials and significant resources, most local travel companies hadn’t invested enough in research to develop new, diverse tourism products that genuinely align with the requirements and expectations of travelers, and Binh felt that he was the person to fill the gap.

In 2008 as the same year Top Gear did Top Gear Vietnam Special, a friend asked Binh about a motorcycle road trip to the mountainous areas in the north of Vietnam, that he came up with the idea of the Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club. After years of traveling solo on two wheels to some of the most remote and isolated places of Vietnam where local ethnic villagers still preserve their unique customs and culture, Binh had gained a deep understanding of the routes and roads and been well aware of the once-in-a-lifetime experience and the stupendous landscapes and views that these trips offer. During this period time, he started working for another company in a motorcycle tour guide position. Thanks to 8 years of riding experience, he got through out ups and downs, the most challenging time. Especially before 2013, dirt bike is something no one in Vietnam knows about it. Only Minsk two stork is to run motorcycle tour. And it’s rare to have a smartphone running a GG map in Vietnam at that time. Can’t imagine how he swept Northern mountainous areas, forests, waterfall. What a crazy mental!

bm-travel-adventure-vietnam-motorbike-tours-club-23Vietnam in general and the northern area, in particular, has been a magnet for travelers worldwide. An off-road motorcycle tour is a perfect choice to fully understand and admire the beauty of nature, people, and landscapes here. Striving to develop new travel experiences for international tourists, he has long embraced the idea of tours that can give his clients both exciting and meaningful experiences like those he had the chance to have. He also highly emphasizes the authenticity of experience and the values of giving back to the local community and believes that exploring remote areas, staying at a homestay rather than a fancy hotel, and eating at local restaurants should be a big part of a journey.

2016 The Year of opening Vietnam Motorbike Club

With a passion for a deep understanding of the off-road motorbike trips and routes, Binh took a bold decision – establishing Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club, a rendezvous for international tourists and local tour guides who share the same interests in off-road tours and passion for introducing Vietnam to the world. Also, BM Travel Adventure Experience and Viaje Vietnam Asia were born.

With our grand vision, passion, and pride, Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club is confident to offer a wide range of motorbike tours services that enable travelers to understand and an authentic, exciting experience in Vietnam.

bm-travel-adventure-vietnam-motorbike-tours-club-9How BM Travel Adventure Evolution was before Covid 2019

Dirt bike riding is becoming increasingly popular in Asia, and Indochina thus becomes a cradle of enduro fields for every journey, touching the hidden gems everywhere you come. Thanks to his leadership, BM Travel motorbike tour’s risen as the top 1 motorcycle tour operator for exploring Indochina on two-wheel. And The company cannot have trust from international partners without him.

As a result, BM Travel couldn’t run a compound tour anymore. Within 3 years, almost all bookings 6 months in advance from motorcycle groups or international partners from over the world. Each time, they come with a team of over 8 riders for at least 14 days. These are typical of ML Adventure from Portugal, Roadventure from Spain, Ride To Roots, Enduro Decouverte Asia. They’ve come to Vietnam and ride with BM Travel Adventure at least once a year with over 10 riders each time.

Nowadays, with over two years of Covid outbreak, Mr. Binh Phi created for the company a new foundation. BM Travel has gradually completed motorcycle tours such as Enduro Tour, Offroad Tour, Adventure Motorcycle Trip to Pillion Tours, even 4×4 and Bike Rental … Of course, all kinds of tours will be available all over from North to Central and Southern Vietnam and Indochina.

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bm-travel-adventure-vietnam-motorbike-tours-club-27His Vision in the Future

With good leadership, he has assembled many leading experts in the adventure tourism industry. And he is leading BM travel to become a superstar in Indochina in terms of motorbike tourism.

Positioning the adventure tourism industry in Vietnam on the world map is also a divine mission to him.

Besides that, Trekking, Paragliding, Caving, or any kind from Adventure Tourism will gather at BM Travel Experience. He believes that will help Vietnam tourism improve faster.

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