What To Know Before Booking

What To Know Before Booking a Motorbike Tour with BM Travel Adventure

Terms of Clothing, Shoes, Gear

Riding motorbike in Vietnam is absolutely insane; just because the locals ride in flip flops doesn’t mean that you should, too. Protect yourself from road rash and worse. If you’re traveling to Vietnam directly from home and already own riding gear, bring it. Such as jacket, pants, gloves, and boots, if you don’t bring anything, we provide it to you but is not the same your belonging, and tell us about your size.

Winter Riding Jacket

Vietnam’s climate varies drastically from north to south. Even during winter, it can get very warm in south Vietnam. The north is generally cooler and wetter, so a lightweight, waterproof/breathable riding jacket with a removable insulating layer is ideal for motorcycle tours in Vietnam. Keep your warm firstly somewhere in the north of Vietnam have snow, so it is very cool


Given the weather conditions, lightweight, breathable riding pants are ideal too. Look for something with padded hips and knee protection when you sign up for motorbike trips in Vietnam.


If you’re buying a nice dirt bike helmet from a motorcycle gear shop, chances are you can find some decent riding gloves there too. Look for a pair that’s lightweight but protective. Or bring some from home. It is best to bring some from home before traveling to Vietnam by motorcycle.

Below are riding gear which you bring to tour in Vietnam.

Description: Term of Clothing, Shoes, Gear

Waterproof Bag (we will tight on the back of the bike)

Description: Term of Clothing, Shoes, Gear

Motor Cross Helmet

Description: Term of Clothing, Shoes, Gear


Description: Term of Clothing, Shoes, Gear


Description: Term of Clothing, Shoes, Gear

Riding Boots

Description: Term of Clothing, Shoes, Gear

Hyro Pack

Description: Term of Clothing, Shoes, Gear


Description: Term of Clothing, Shoes, Gear

Winter Riding Gloves

Description: Term of Clothing, Shoes, Gear

Summer Riding Gloves


The luggage you should bring

In our tour, we recommend that you should bring about 15 kilograms for your luggage to have a safe Vietnam Motorbike Trip. All our motorcycles are strong enough to carry 2 people and lots of luggage. However, overloading a motorbike will make it wobble. Therefore, we propose to use each car separately to carry 15 kg of your luggage. The overall handling and performance are reduced which affects the fun for mountain roads. Gas consumption is also increasing and the cost difference between gas and ship use will be almost balanced.

What To Know Before BookingA tip that we divided your Vietnam Luggage and Vehicles Motorbike Tours into two categories: large backpacks, and small backpacks. With the large backpacks, you keep unnecessary items on the way, we will tie in the back of the car. Another is the small backpack, you keep important items or used items such as documents, money, cameras, sunscreen, etc in this small backpack, we will keep the front of the car, on the fuel tank to help you remove it easily.

Note: For customers with lots of luggage (especially suitcases), you will get the necessary items to use in the tour in a separate bag, we will store this luggage as tissue described above. For luggage that is not necessary, we will help you send directly to the destination when the tour ends, we will assist you to receive and transfer it to the hotel.

The vehicles you can pick

We – BM Travel Adventure do not hesitate to invest in motorcycles of the latest versions. Most of these motorcycles are terrain bikes and enduro bikes such as Honda CRF 250L, Honda XR150L, Suzuki DRZ400. All are imported from Japan. Some of them are not brand new but are always maintained in the best condition.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Prices

Motorbike Rental

MotorbikeRental Price
Honda XR150L25 USD/ bike/day
Honda CRF250L55 USD/ bike/day
Suzuki DRZ40075 USD/ bike/day

Guided motorcycle tours


Guided Tour


Himalayan / VersysHonda CB 500xBMW GS1200
One personContact UsContact UsContact Us
Two peopleContact UsContact UsContact Us
Three people310 USD/day/person315 USD/day/person495 USD/day/person
From four people290 USD/day/person299 USD/day/person475 USD/day/person
Book nowBook nowBook now


Guided Tour

(Under 20% Off-road)

Honda XR150LHonda CRF250LSuzuki DRZ400
One person219 USD/day/person239 USD/day/person259 USD/day/person
Two people199 USD/day/person219 USD/day/person239 USD/day/person
Three people179 USD/day/person199 USD/day/person229 USD/day/person
From four people169 USD/day/person189 USD/day/person209 USD/day/person
Book nowBook nowBook now

Self-guided Motorcycle Tours

Self-guided TourHonda XR150LHonda CRF250LSuzuki DRZ400
One person139 USD/day/person159 USD/day/person179 USD/day/person
Two people119 USD/day/person139 USD/day/person159 USD/day/person
Three people99 USD/day/person119 USD/day/person139 USD/day/person
From four people89 USD/day/person109 USD/day/person129 USD/day/person


Check out great TripAdvisor reviews HERE!


  • A single stay will cost 20 USD extra/ day
  • We provide vehicle support and driver with an extra price of 150 USD/day/ truck upon request!
  • Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike tours will cost more. Please CONTACT US for more details.
  • If tours do not depart/ end in Hanoi then surcharge for bike shipping to/ back: 120 USD/ bike.
  • VAT Excluded from the price, if you want VAT included, 10% of the total price will be added.

Booking Terms & Conditions

1. Deposits and Payment Policy

  • We require a deposit of 30% of the total upon confirmation of booking tour. The remaining balance will be paid 45 days before departure. Your booking may be considered canceled if the full balance is not received by Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club by that time.
  • You can choose the payment method by money transfer or credit card payment with all bank transfer charges/ fees to be paid by you.
  • After receiving your payment, we will issue you the final confirmation of the detailed itinerary and services via e-mail.

2. Cancellation and Refunds

  • Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club takes no responsibility for any flight delays or scheduled changes at any stage throughout the trip.
  • We have the discretion to change the itinerary or delay the tour due to weather, local conditions, politics, or various other reasons with our notification in advance.
  • During the tour, should you be found to break any of the rules without the prior exception from the tour leader, we have the discretion to cancel the tour with no refunds applied.
  • During the tour, should your bike have minor technical problems, our guide/mechanic will attempt to fix it as quickly as possible. In the event that the bike can not be fixed within the day, we will endeavor to substitute a bike of a similar type to ensure your trip is not interrupted.
  • Should you have to cancel the tour due to special reasons, you may transfer your booking to another person. However, you will be liable for your nominee paying their monies in full. Check out the full terms and conditions here.

At a glance of Vietnam

Given its notable past, Vietnam is a nation that offers an extraordinary viewpoint for voyagers. Favored with a madly different scene, you could be sliding downhills in the first part of the day, going for a walk by the shoreline by noon and strolling around a UNESCO legacy town by evening. Being that many tourists from different another country, it will dependably be an interesting nation for us. To enable you to plan and make the most out of your excursion to Vietnam, here are a couple of bits of data to enable you to travel.


The official money in Vietnam is the Vietnamese dong (VND) in spite of the fact that in a few spots, USD is additionally acknowledged in some big cities.


Generally, Vietnam is a truly protected nation to go around in. Despite the fact that there are a couple of tricks to keep an eye out for, the most widely recognized accident that happens is motorbike related. While driving a motorbike in Vietnam is something that we prescribe you do, ensure that you have the correct permit from your nation country. Most travel protection approaches won’t cover you generally.


In bigger urban communities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, most of the population talks a decent dimension of English making it a moderately simple place to travel. However, similarly as with most places, when you adventure towards littler towns and precipitous areas, the dimension of English drops. It means that having knowledge about a couple of essential Vietnamese words can go far. Words like petroleum, hotel, and toilet are certainly high up on the top of must-know words.


Vietnam is all in all damp and hot. Anyway, with such a lengthened nation, it’s solitary characteristic the climate changes altogether inside Vietnam. 3 diverse climate locates in different three main regions in Vietnam. It may be very snowing in Sapa while a blasting hot radiant day down in Phu Quoc.

  • Northern of Vietnam: expect sweltering wet summers and cool evaporate winters North. It can get very chilly here amid northern half of the globe winter – from September to November – especially by the outskirt with China.
  • Central of Vietnam: encounters sweltering, dry climate between January and August when temperatures can hit the mid-thirties.
  • Southern of Vietnam: flaunts a full tropical atmosphere, with just 2 characterized seasons – wet and dry. The best time to go is clearly amid the last mentioned, from December to April.

Power Socket

220V AC power. Electrical plugs are frequently good with either the standard US plug or the European one also. To stay away from the problem of purchasing new connectors for wherever you go, we prescribe grabbing an adaptor before you leave.


Compared to most nations, the visa controls in Vietnam continue changing so it is best to twofold check with your consulate or through the administration site for any changes.

As of August 2016, the accompanying nations can get a free visa for the recommended number of days. On the off chance that you wish to remain longer, you should apply for a visa heretofore either through an organization or through the recently actualized e-visa program.

  • Without a visa for 30 days: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore
  • Without a visa for 21 days: Philippines
  • Without a visa for 15 days: Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain
  • Without a visa for 14 days: Brunei, Myanmar

It would be ideal if you take note of that on the off chance that you get a free visa on entry, this is non-extendable significance you should fly out of the nation in the event that you wish to remain longer. In case you’re anticipating remaining for 30 days or more, we prescribe that you apply for a visitor visa something like 3 days ahead of time.

Travel Tips from BM Travel Adventure

We share with riders some useful tips from our founder, also an off-road aficionado, Binh Phi before you set off on the tour with BM Travel Adventure:

bm-travel-adventure-vietnam-motorbike-tours-club-28While you are driving in Vietnam’s streets or off-road routes:

1. If you are an expat:

If you are an expat living in Vietnam, the chances are you may get familiar with the chaotic traffic here. But keep in mind the rule of thumb while you are driving here: There are almost no rules.

2. If you are the first-time traveler:

(i). Prepare yourself with the sea of vehicles as several million motorbikes flood Vietnam’s big cities’ streets every day. There are almost no rules here in Vietnam.

(ii). Get used to the honkings. Vietnamese people have the habit of honking the horn while driving. It does not necessarily mean that they are not patient. For many local drivers, they honk as a way to let others know that “you are in my way and I want you to move” or “I’m coming towards you and you may not see me”. It may sound hard to believe but honking is sometimes considered as a friendly hello to someone we know while we pass them.

Basic traffic laws in Vietnam

  • Drive on the right, cross the road on the left
  • Wearing helmet is required in any case.
  • Honking is allowed for both car and motorbike drivers. It is necessary especially in mountain roads with many bends and fog.

Should and should not:

  • Be courteous while driving, avoid any collision.
  • Be polite to the traffic police. They wouldn’t pay attention and stop unless you violate the law.
  • Respect local culture. You are not encouraged to give money or candies to local children in the mountainous area or touch children’s heads.
  • Be confident when driving, especially when we travel in crowded cities with a great volume of vehicles. Do not be too nervous and tense. Drive on your lane and follow the law. Local drivers are skillful.
  • Keep appropriate distance with other vehicles to make sure there is always a safe distance between you and them.
  • Give way to big vehicles such as trucks or buses to ensure safety for you and them as these vehicles occupy a large space of the road.
  • Signal if you intend to turn right or turn left.
  • Be friendly with other drivers when they greet you.
  • No alcohol while driving.
  • In most roads in Vietnam, speed limits are 25 to 80 km/h for motorcycles. So remember to conform to rules and not drive too fast. Drivers who exceed the permitted limit will be deprived of driving license and have their vehicles kept in 15 days.
  • Be careful with children and animals on the road. You are likely to encounter some buffaloes, cows, dogs, chickens or pigs walking on rural roads. For big cattles like water buffalo, it’s better to give way and wait for them to leave.
  • Be careful with the oil spilled on the road, especially when we are driving downhill in the mountains. The slippery road is very dangerous and can cause accidents
  • In each curve, especially when driving down the pass we should slow down rather than driving fast and applying brake suddenly because in these curves there are sand and gravel.
  • In case you are stopped by the traffic police, try to speak English to them gently and wait for our guide to come back.

Things to bring along on a motorbike trip

T-shirtMotorcycle glovesPills
SwimwearMotorcycle boots or riding shoesRaincoat
Long pantsPassportDry bags
Warm wool clothesPersonal travel careLocks for your luggage
Slippers or comfortable shoesShampooCamera, GoPro, GPS, phone
Mosquitoes sprayToothpaste/ toothbrush

Other considerations when joining an off-road tour in Vietnam:

  • Always bring raincoats because the weather in some parts of Vietnam is constantly changing.
  • When entering the offroad and single track, it is advisable to use both front and rear brakes. Slow down, keep one foot on the motorbike, and the other on the ground when needed. We shouldn’t keep both feet on the motorbike because it is easy to fall off.
  • When riding on the asphalt road, we’d better also use both brakes because mountain roads are very slippery.
  • When driving through curves, we should drive on our lane to avoid being overtaken by other means of transportation. On the mountain roads, we often encounter bends that shapes like Z or S or A.
  • Try to give way to local drivers in the highlands areas because sometimes they cut bends and go on our way.
  • Choose dirt bikes with disc brakes, of 150cc or above
  • Do not choose motorcycles that are too old because they are not safe to travel on singletrack.
  • Do not buy or rent cars like Honda 110 or scooters. It can save money but not time.

We will give dry packs and bungee strings for your gear to tie to your back of the bicycle. Attempt and expedite a base with you when visiting, traveling light. On the off chance that you have to leave gear in Hanoi, you can abandon it with the inn or my shop and single out your arrival to Hanoi. Kindly don’t leave any resources in the left baggage. For bigger gatherings, we can mastermind a help vehicle to convey your baggage while on a visit. For an extra charge 140 USD/day.

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